Comprehensive Legal Solutions for Corporations & Small Businesses in Saudi Arabia

We offer highly reliable and tailored saudi legal services for business and free legal advice in saudi arabia across various industries in Saudi Arabia. As a trusted source for top-notch legal counsel, our experienced team provides personalized consultation for small businesses and comprehensive corporate legal solutions. Specializing in real estate law, we ensure your business is legally sound. Choose Batic Law Firm for a strategic ally in navigating the legal landscape and making informed decisions for sustainable growth.

Intellectual Property

Having honed our expertise in these diverse areas, we confidently deliver solutions that are not only timely and accurate but also meticulously tailored to meet the unique and specific needs of our valued clients. With our cutting-edge legal services, you can be assured that your business is in the hands of consummate professionals dedicated to its success and growth.

Exceptional Business Law Services in Saudi Arabia

At Batic Law Firm, we prioritize client satisfaction as the cornerstone of our success. Our unwavering commitment to integrity and professionalism drives us to consistently pursue excellence. With a team of experienced lawyers possessing extensive knowledge and expertise, we deliver a comprehensive and unparalleled luxury service.

Emphasizing reliability, efficiency, and utmost confidentiality, we exceed expectations to address our clients’ unique needs. Through close collaboration, we gain a deep understanding of your specific situation, allowing us to craft a personalized and effective strategy tailored to your requirements. With Batic Law Firm by your side, trust us to guide you through the legal process, ensuring your peace of mind and a successful outcome.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Business Services

  • At Batic Law Firm, our unwavering mission is to provide highly reliable and comprehensive business services across various industries in Saudi Arabia. We have rapidly gained recognition as a trusted source for top-notch legal advice and counsel throughout the country.
  • Our contract review services guarantee the protection of clients' interests and the fairness and legality of all agreements. Additionally, we provide comprehensive guidance on intellectual property protection, assisting businesses in safeguarding their valuable creations and innovations.
  • Our expertise extends to mergers and acquisitions, where we adeptly navigate complex legal processes to facilitate seamless and successful transactions. We also provide guidance on securities regulation compliance, enabling businesses to meet regulatory requirements while maximizing their growth potential. Our litigation services are aimed at efficiently resolving legal disputes in the best interests of our clients.
  • We excel in employment law advice, providing vital counsel on various employment-related matters, including policies, contracts, and employee rights. Our dispute resolution services aim to achieve amicable and effective resolutions, while our extensive experience in private equity transactions ensures optimal outcomes for businesses involved in these complex deals.
  • In the realm of real estate transactions, our firm navigates the intricacies of buying, selling, and leasing properties, providing comprehensive legal support at every stage. We also possess significant expertise in handling restructuring and insolvency proceedings, offering effective solutions to businesses facing financial challenges.
  • Furthermore, our tax consulting services cover a broad spectrum, including income taxes, value-added tax (VAT), customs taxes, and more. We ensure that our clients are in compliance with tax regulations and optimize their tax strategies to minimize liabilities.
  • Lastly, our firm is equipped to provide insightful banking advice, guiding clients through the intricacies of domestic or international financing matters. Whether it's securing loans, navigating regulatory requirements, or structuring financing deals, our expertise and precision ensure our clients are well-positioned for success in the ever-evolving financial landscape.


At Batic Law firm we are dedicated to helping you achieve success by providing exceptional legal services at competitive rates. We will not rest until you have received the highest quality representation from our skilled team of professionals who can provide the necessary tools for your success. Whether it's forming a new company or resolving complex disputes--we are here for you every step of the way!

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